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The MRCA Board of Directors and staff extend a warm welcome to you.  Please take a few minutes to read the following information.


Registering with the COA Office:  As a new resident, you should go to the COA office, located in Unit 310 M in Golf Village, to introduce yourself and confirm that MRCA has the correct contact info for you. The office is open 8:30 am-1:00 pm and 2:00 pm-4:30 pm Monday to Friday. If you are not on-island, please call the office, then complete and submit the MRCA Resident Registration Form


Parking:    The COA Office will issue a parking sticker for all residents as well as temporary passes for guests. One spot each in the carports is reserved for middle and upper condo units. The carports are exclusively for cars, not for personal storage. If you park a car along the road, please do not impede other cars from getting into or out of the carports nor park in front of the trash bins. 


Trash Pick Up: There are trash containers located outside of each building. Trash collection is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, excluding some holidays. The containers are for common household trash only.  Break down any cardboard boxes, and put them alongside the trash cans to save room in the cans.  Please put trash in the cans and secure the lid so that animals do not get into the bags.  As there is no general recycling program, do not separate recyclables and/or leave them outside the trash containers. 


Household appliances, trash from contractors, furniture, electronics, etc. is to be disposed of off-property at the warehouse-like structure just to the east of the main gate, which is a government trash collection site (Waste Management’s Mandahl Convenience Center). Failure to do so will result in a fine. If the trash bins by your condo are full, you are also asked to drop your trash at the Convenience Center. Operating hours  are 6AM-6PM Monday to Saturday and 6AM-4PM on Sunday.  Larger items are accepted on a rotating basis by category of waste.  Check with staff at the Convenience Center.


Water & Electricity: Water usage is monitored by the Association. It is a rare occurrence, but if you lose pressure or run out of water, notify the office.  After regular office hours, please contact the main security gate at 340-777-6391 for assistance.  Please repair any dripping faucets or other leaks you have immediately.  A toilet that continues to run can drain a cistern overnight!  


In the event of a power outage, do NOT use water until power is restored OR, your generator is on AND is providing power to the pump. Power is required to pump water into the condominium, including to flush the toilets.  Continuing to use water will deplete the pressure in the lines and may require that you wait for maintenance personnel to prime the pump after power is restored.  You can sign up for notices of outages and power restoration at


Maintenance: Interior maintenance issues are the responsibility of condo owners.  If you have a repair issue related to the exterior structure, the doors and windows, or building mechanics like the water pump or lighting, please call the office at 340-777-6880, or email  For after-hours emergency repairs, e.g., a broken water pipe, sewage problem, or serious electrical issue, etc., contact the main security gate at 340-777-6391.  Any interior emergency repairs done by MRCA staff for owners will be billed to the owner at market rates.  Note To Tenants: The office will only accept work requests from the owner or their authorized representative unless it is an emergency.  Please contact your landlord or their agent to report needed maintenance.  


Keys:   A key for each unit must be kept at the office for emergency or other approved access. This includes the monthly exterminating service, which is part of your COA fee.  If you have a key with a code stamped on it, the office will need to authorize additional copies. Robert’s Locksmith is the authorized locksmith.  340-690-5673.


Mailboxes:  There are a limited number of mailboxes available for owners.  You may check with the office staff regarding availability when you apply for your parking sticker. The office does not receive packages or any mail for residents.  If a package has been mailed to you, a delivery notice will be put in your box for parcel pick up at the Sugar Estate post office.


Propane Gas:  If you have a gas stove, the propane tank(s) specific to each condo are stored below the building.  You can contact Antilles Gas (blue paint on the top of the tank) or St Thomas Gas (yellow) to order a new tank, when you run out.  If you have 2 tanks with a Y connection, only one tank valve should be open at a time, with the other held in reserve.


Pool Use:  Pools are for the use of owners, their guests, and registered tenants. Children  should be supervised by an adult.  Please follow the rules posted at the pool. Loud music and glass containers are not allowed. The pool is for the enjoyment of all.


Noise:  Any noise that impacts your neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their condos, including loud music or TVs, is unacceptable.  


Maintenance of Limited Common Areas:   Residents are encouraged to beautify their outdoor areas with plants or outdoor furnishings.  Residents are required to keep entry areas, decks, and enclosed patios, designated as limited common areas, in good order. Storage units are permitted in gated deck areas but must be organized and out of sight of neighboring units.  Clotheslines may not be strung.  


Remodeling, Addition of Generators, Air Conditioners, or Satellite Dishes:    Anything that can be viewed on the exterior of the building, that is to be put on the roof of the building, or interior improvements that may impact other units in the building, must be reviewed and approved by the Chief of Maintenance and/or the Architecture Committee. Please use the Application for Property Modification/Renovation form to apply for approval. The rerouting of plumbing or electrical conduits, which may impact an adjoining unit, must also be approved. Additionally, the location of A/C compressors and generators below the building, and satellite dishes on the roof must be reviewed and approved prior to installation. 


Short-term rentals: Short-term rentals are permitted at Mahogany Run COA and a policy is in place (Short-Term Rental Guest Policy) in order to keep the rentals operated responsibly and to mitigate disruption to the community. Short-term rentals need to be registered with the MRCOA office and a VI Business License is to be obtained in order to operate a short-term rental in the USVI. 


Insurance for Interior Improvements:  Note: The Association’s master insurance policy does not include coverage for interior improvements, contents, or your personal liability. MRCA urges owners to secure this coverage. If you have a mortgage, lenders require proof annually that you have an HO6 policy in place.

Thank you for your attention.

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