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Welcome To
The Neighborhood!


MRCA Owners,


The Board of Directors will be voting on the 2023 Budget at Thursday's meeting (Dec. 8, 6pm Atlantic). All owners are welcome to attend; the Zoom link is on the website calendar.


The attached documents provide the information behind the budget that we will be voting on. These documents will also be posted to the Finance section of the owner website. 


I'd like to personally thank all the community members who have participated in Finance Committee meetings, Budget Subcommittee meetings, and Town Halls, as well as those who have emailed me their questions and comments as we have worked toward this point.  If you have any questions on the final numbers, please let me know. As there may be many, please send your questions ahead of time if at all possible, so that the Board may manage meeting time well. We appreciate it!

Katie Shumate

Treasurer, Board of Directors